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As a leader in alternative energy systems, this company is leading the pack when it comes to using “green” technologies to develop sustainability in fuel for transportation and chemical bioproducts. In an effort to attract and maintain the best possible employees, they strive to create an unsurpassed work environment. They pride themselves in their honest business practices with not just their customers, but also their shareholders. They believe, first and foremost that respect is the name of the game. As a result, they are attracting national attention in the financial community because of their sustained growth and technological innovation.


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Operating Lease; True Lease


CapTech + Hospitality

This transaction presented several challenges on both the collateral side as well as the credit. The combination of internally prepared financial statements and poor collateral can be a show-stopper for some lenders. Since the first transaction that Onset (CapTech Financial’s parent company) completed, the customer has found a permanent home for all of their equipment finance needs.